SuperAlbum and You

SuperAlbum is a java based digital photo album creation and deployment tool. It allows for easy management and viewing of your digital photos thru deployment on the web. The Viewer can be customized and extended to create a unique viewing experience.

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SuperAlbum is a fully functional album creation and deployment tool. Albums can be easily deployed onto the web with using only 2 files. No more messy thumbnails and waiting for pictures to download. SuperAlbum automatically resizes all images, packages them up and prepares them ready for deployment.

SuperAlbum is not some lame tool that creates a directory of all your images and then all the thumbnails. Instead it takes all your images, packages them up, regardless of size or shape and deploys them in two clean files. That's it. All you need is to have a browser with the Java Plug-in and you are ready to go.

Below if a sample album. Click on image to go to the next one If you don't see it, you don't have the Java Plugin 1.4.1+ installed on your machine.

Some features:
  • Supports image transition such as Fade, Slide, Split..etc.
  • Supports customizable album themes and colors.
  • Supports various image standards: jpg, gif, tiff, bmp.
  • Automatically resizes your extremely large and cumbersome digital photos
  • Does NOT edit any orignal image files.
  • Create a sequence of images.
  • Supports thumbnails
  • Supports regular view mode, when you don't need to deploy over the web
  • Supports automatic timed configured slide shows, so you can impress your girlfriend.
  • Handles all different image sizes so that all images display nicely in the album
  • Can be configured to call you favorite photo editor like Photoshop or Gimp to manipulate the image. The change image will be refreshed back into the album
  • Extensible so that new image transition can be added as well as HTML themes.
  • It's open source and it's FREE
  • Runs on jdk1.4.1(or higher) so it's platform independent.
  • Smart caching to enable faster image load time.
  • Lastly it would be extremely illegal to call it SuperAlbum if it wasn't in fact Super!!!